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Nirvana Yoga
Stagecoach Bldg. - 2nd Floor
4183 W. Streetsboro Rd. (Rt. 303)
Richfield, OH 44286
Please contact for more information or to schedule your session:

Phone: 330-564-3773
Melissa & Deb at Bunker Hill
Melissa at Bunker Hill
Benefits of Yoga to Your Golf Game

  • Flexibility - increasing your range of
    motion in the golf swing.
  • Strength - yoga develops long, lean
    muscles, increasing physical strength
    and stamina without bulk which can
    hinder your swing.
  • Balance - improve physical balance
    for stability in difficult stances, uneven
    terrain, improve mental balance for a
    calmer, more relaxed mindset.
  • Core Conditioning - strengthening
    the back and abdominal muscles,
    decreases chance of injury, improves
    posture and reduces fatigue.
  • Breath Awareness - proper
    breathing increases stamina,
    enhances swing tempo and fluidity.  
    Proper breathing also relaxes the
  • Meditation & Visualization -
    essential aspects of the mental game
    of golf, techniques to improve
    concentration and decrease negative
    thought patterns which are
    detrimental to your game.

Yoga for Golfers - as recreational golfers
themselves, NIrvana Yoga Instructors Melissa
& Deb can offer specialized yoga classes
targeting physical and mental areas specific
to golfers.  Classes can be held at Nirvana
Yoga or at your location.  Private, semi-private
and group rates available.  
Yoga for Golfers
Nature Photos by Peggy Miklus